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                Rig Control Reference and Calibration                

Rig Control Reference Images

In Blender, your rig must have Shape Keys to control the jaw, lips and tongue. The Shape Keys must be named exactly as given on this list:

Model your Shape Keys to match the below references as closely as possible. You don't necessarily need ALL of the Shape Keys listed, anything missing will simply be ignored. But the more your rig matches the reference, the better Loose Lips will work. When you are done, you can download the Test Controls Data:

Load file Test Controls Data File into Loose Lips and Create Animation. It will produce 75 frames of animation. Odd numbered frames are default pose. Even numbered frames are one Shape Key at max value. 

Default - Mouth Closed

For the Default Pose, the Jaw X ROTATION should be so that the mouth is closed.  


Load file into Loose Lips and Create Animation. 


File will produce 5 animation frames, one each for "F", "L", "P", "TH" and "UW" (like "ooh"). 

If your rig isn't like the reference, make adjustments to the particular control or controls most relied on to create that phoneme. 

frame  #1      "F"   

Relies on Lip Bottom Out-In Neg. Make sure lower lip comes behind front teeth.

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