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Loose Lips currently works with the animation platforms shown below. Don't see yours listed? Contact us, and let us know which which one we should add next. 

 Loose Lips Plugin Downloads / Animation Platform Support  



Autodesk-Maya-logo (1).jpg

Maya 2019

Download the zip file

Unzip the file anywhere on your computer

Launch Maya

On your computer, navigate to:

Package / install.mel

Drag and drop install.mel into the Viewport of Maya

"Humanimate" appears on your shelf in Maya

Click             Loose Lips icon to launch


Moho Pro

Download file.

Place the file "RL_LipSyncWithActions.lua" in:

/Scripts / Menu / Tools


Daz Studio

Download file.

Unzip and place the "Loose Lips" folder in:

/My DAZ 3D Library


Blender 2.8

Download zip file. Do not unzip.

In Blender, go to:

Edit / Preferences / Add-ons / Install

Navigate to the file:

Install Add-on from file...

Make sure "3D View: Loose Lips" is checked

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